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Respite and day programmes

Discover how Enliven can brighten your day…and even change your life with its unique respite care and day programmes.

Enliven’s respite care and day programmes have been designed to provide family carers with a chance to recharge their batteries, while their loved on enjoys a ‘holiday’ at an Enliven home.

Plus, for those planning for the future, attending a day programme or taking a respite ‘holiday’ at an Enliven home is a great way to experience life at an Enliven home.

For carers

We understand that caring for a loved one can be demanding and tiring work, both physically and emotionally.

Enliven’s short-term residential respite or day activity programmes provide carers with the chance to focus on their own wellbeing. You can take a break, catch up on everyday activities and chores or go on holiday, while knowing your loved one is safe and well cared for.

For respite and day guests

Of course, for the elders visiting an Enliven home for respite or a day programme, there are also benefits. This includes having the opportunity to take part in a tailored recreation and activities programme (often these activities would simply not be available to them at home) and socialising with others at a similar stage of life.


Enliven offers short-term residential care at many of its homes. This can be for a few days, a week or longer periods, depending on the needs of the person and their caregiver.

Day programmes

Enliven’s day programmes are structured activity programmes that provide elders with the opportunity to take part in a range of activities and socialise with others at a similar stage of life.

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Funding and costs

Costs for respite care and day programmes vary depending on your needs and circumstances. Both services can be paid for privately, however funding is often available. Talk to us about the options available to you.