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Cashmere Heights Home, Johnsonville

Location16 Helston Road, Johnsonville, Wellington
Care typeRest home and respite
PhilosophyEden Alternative
Size4 neighbourhoods (maximum 34 residents).
Pets PolicyPets welcome
ManagerKaren Rhind
Contact us04 478 9051 or use the form below

Situated in Helston Road, Cashmere Heights Home overlooks the Johnsonville township. Residents love the warm and homely environment of this boutique rest home.

A highlight for many of the elders of Cashmere Heights Home is the engaging social calendar and close companionship that is part of life at this tight-knit home.

This unique home offers:

  • vibrant and welcoming rest home care
  • short-term respite.

Cashmere Heights Home’s sister-site Cashmere Home, also in Helston Road, Johnsonville, is able to offer specialist hospital level care for people with complex clinical needs.

At Cashmere Heights Home we embrace Enliven’s philosophy of care which is based around the internationally recognised, Eden Alternative. That means we take every opportunity to make sure elders have companionship, spontaneity, fun, meaningful activity and a sense of purpose in their lives.

The Enliven philosophy of care

At Enliven’s Cashmere Heights Home, we pride ourselves on providing truly person-centred support. That means we make sure our care and support helps you achieve the things that are important to you; things like having a sense of community, connections to family, whānau and friends as well as choice, control and independence.

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The Enliven philosophy embraces two internationally recognised approaches: the Eden Alternative model of care and the Spark of Life approach to dementia care.

Click here to read more about the Enliven philosophy of care.


Home-like environment

At Cashmere Heights Home we work hard to create a warm, welcoming and home-like environment that is very different to the ‘institutional’ aged care set-ups of the past.

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Residents are invited to set their room up just how they like it. We encourage elders to bring along their own familiar things that make them feel at home. Many residents bring items such as photographs, artwork, ornaments, bed covers and even favourite pieces of furniture. Some rooms are large enough to accommodate a television, stereo, radio, dressing tables or other furniture and/or a small fridge.

Shared areas

Like any Enliven home, at Cashmere Heights Home there are lots of shared spaces, including the lounges, entertaining areas, courtyards and the dining room. Residents use these spaces whenever they like, to socialise, read, do activities and host visitors. You’ll often find avid conversations happening in the shared spaces!


Qualified and caring team

At Enliven our staff are not only highly trained, they’re also friendly, caring and embrace an elder-directed philosophy of care.

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The team at Cashmere Heights Home includes:

  • The manager and office staff who are responsible for the running of the home
  • Health care assistants who support residents on a daily basis
  • Nursing staff, including the clinical nurse manager/care manager and registered nurses who help with medication and other medical treatment
  • Recreation staff who run the recreation programmes and ensure residents are supported to keep up with their hobbies.
  • Chaplains who provide spiritual care to residents
  • Service workers who take care of the cooking, cleaning and laundry


Family and friends

Enliven homes are more than just ‘family friendly’. At Cashmere Heights Home family, whānau, friends and the community play a big part of life.

Residents can invite family, whānau and friends to visit at any time – there are no set visiting hours! You’ll often find family and friends joining the elders of Cashmere Heights Home for a meal, a special event or an outing.

Delicious meals

At Enliven we like to make sure there is always plenty of nutritious and delicious food to enjoy. Of course, residents’ breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert are all provided, but there are always snacks, fruit and morning and afternoon tea treats on hand.

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Enliven’s menus are co-designed by a dietitian and chef to ensure there is plenty of diversity and that the meals are nutritious and satisfying. We are also able to cater for special dietary needs, such as diabetic meals, gluten or dairy free, finger foods or soft food.

Enliven cooks make it their mission to talk with residents often about the foods they like and dislike, and do their best to cater to individual tastes and preferences.


Pets and animal companions

At Enliven we believe that pets and animal companions can have huge benefits to the health and wellbeing of elders.

Pets can be both calming and energising; they provide companionship, opportunities for physical activity and can calm anxiety, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. That’s why we offer a unique opportunity for elders to move into Cashmere Heights Home with their pet (as long as the pet gets on with other people and animals, and isn’t too big!).

Hobbies, interests and recreation

The Enliven team is committed to supporting residents to maintain their independence and interests in a way that’s right for them.

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At Cashmere Heights Home residents enjoy an engaging and stimulating social calendar and recreation programme that runs seven days a week. Planned activities include a wide range of events, social outings, group activities and entertainment. There is also lots of spontaneous activity too, and many elders continue to attend clubs, meetings and groups in the local community.

The home’s group activities are based on the current residents’ interests. Elders are encouraged to let staff know about their hobbies, interests and passions so we can support them to keep them up.


Residents call the shots

At Enliven homes, the elders call the shots; it’s all part of being truly elder-focused.

That means residents are involved in decisions around the running of their home. You’ll even find them on the interview panels for new staff.

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It also means that the elders’ daily lives can involve as much or as little structure as they like. We support elders to continue with the routines they’ve enjoyed throughout their lives. For example, waking up and/or getting out of bed at a certain time in the morning, having a cup of tea in bed in their pyjamas before breakfast, having a wine with dinner or perhaps a whiskey before bed.


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