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Enliven encourages seniors to try Tai Chi

Enliven instructor, Michael Cheng.

Many people agree that Tai Chi is a beautiful art form to watch. But it is also a great form of exercise which offers significant health benefits, especially for seniors.

That’s why Enliven positive ageing services is inviting Wellingtonians to come along to its modified Tai Chi classes – and offering first-time participants who attend class on or before March 31st their first session free of charge.

“When you do Tai Chi, you improve your mind-body connection, as well as your concentration, balance and flexibility,” says Enliven instructor Michael Cheng.

“The movements are very gentle so there’s little chance of injury, which makes it a very good form of exercise for beginners.”

It is an ancient Chinese practice which involves performing a series of movements in a slow, focused manner. Enliven’s classes aim to help elders reduce their fall risk and are designed so that all participants can take part at a level which is appropriate for them.

Lenie Timmer, a regular participant, attend classes in Wainuiomata, says the sessions have made a big difference to her quality of life.

“Tai Chi has been great for my balance and coordination, and it takes a surprising amount of concentration, which is good for my brain!”

“I really like the flowing movements and I love that it’s easy to keep practising at home in between classes.

Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes are held at Wainuiomata Union Church Hall on Main Street, Wainuiomata, as well as other location across the Wellington region. Classes are subsidized so participants only pay $5 per class.  To learn more about these sessions, visit our  or Enliven’s other classes on offer call 04 439 4967 or visit