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Enliven home champions positive approach to ageing

Levin Home for War Veterans resident Sharon Honey.

Levin’s Sharon Honey may use a walker, but that, she insists, doesn’t mean she’s ‘old’.

“I’ve had quite a few health challenges which come with age in the last few years, but in my head I still think of myself as middle-aged…definitely not an old lady!” says Sharon.

When a series of worrying falls prompted Sharon to move from her home in Wellington’s Lower Hutt to Levin Home for War Veterans earlier this year, the youthful elder was unsure what to expect.

She was impressed to find staff at the Enliven home offering not only much-needed clinical support but also a fun attitude and friendly ear.

“The staff here are excellent, they really are. They’re all so friendly and will always take the time to stop and chat, even if it’s just for a minute here and there,” says Sharon.

Levin Home for War Veterans manager Jenny Hodgen says helping elders maintain their zest for life is what the home is all about.

“We recognise that at the end of the day, age is just a number. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many health issues you may have, everyone needs opportunities to feel heard and respected, and have fun.”

Levin Home for War Veterans follows the elder-centred Enliven philosophy, which is based on the internationally-recognised Eden Alternative. It champions a positive approach to ageing and encourages elders to enjoy companionship, spontaneity, variety, and regular contact with animals and nature.

As part of the Enliven home’s commitment to its philosophy, Levin Home staff regularly meet with residents to ensure they are able to stay engaged in decisions which affect their wellbeing.

Many residents also enjoy taking part in the home’s varied recreation programme – which includes activities arts and crafts, coffee club, in-home cinema screenings and sight-seeing tours – all tailored by trained staff to meet residents’ diverse interests and needs.

To learn more about the elder-centred Enliven philosophy, visit You can also call Levin Home for War Veterans on 06 366 0052.