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Jobs with Enliven

Enliven is a fun, rewarding and supportive place to work. If you’re looking for a way to support and empower the elders of your community, you’ve come to the right place.

Enliven is part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central (PSC). Check out the current Enliven job vacancies on the PSC website.

Passionate, team-orientated people

At Enliven we employ people in a wide range of roles, including healthcare assistants, nurses, cooks, service workers, managers, therapists, recreation officers, administrators and lots more!

While their qualifications and experiences may vary, what they all have in common is their passion for providing high quality, person-centred services that focus on the wellbeing of people and communities.

Gain an insight into a day in the life of the members of the Enliven team.

Healthcare Assistant

Enliven’s healthcare assistants, sometimes referred to as HCAs, carers or support workers, are the people who provide residents with practical daily care and assistance. They support elders with things such as showering, getting ready for the day, being mobile and keeping up with hobbies and routines that are important to them. These dedicated, passionate and deeply caring people are a key part of the Enliven team.

Meet Name Surname, healthcare assistant at Name of Site.


Enliven’s registered nurses are responsible, alongside the clinical nurse manager, for resident’s health and wellbeing. They support elders to manage their medication, pain and therapy. Enliven nurses are passionate about holistic wellbeing and see medical treatment as a partner in care.

Meet Name Surname, registered nurse at Name of Site.

Recreation Officer

Enliven’s recreation staff are responsible for organising planned and spontaneous activities at Enliven homes. They support residents to continue with their hobbies, interests and passions in a way that’s right for them. Our recreation officers are energetic, enthusiastic and fun people who are always up for a laugh.

Meet Name Surname, recreation officer at Name of Site 

Facility manager

As a manager of Enliven home and/or village, you’re responsible for the running of the site. This involves supervising staff, making sure the elders are catered for, keeping in contact with family members and lots more! Our managers have healthcare or business backgrounds and are passionate about creating elder-centred communities.

Meet Name Surname, manager of Name of Home