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Support elders in your community with the power of nature.

Imagine never again being able to take a bite from a juicy peach picked fresh from a tree. Imagine, not being able to pick a vase of fresh, fragrant flowers for your home.

Imagine spending years tending to your garden – your pride and joy, then having to move away.

For many elders, at many rest homes across the country this is reality, but with your help we can change that.

We’re asking for your support to help make sure the elders of our homes have access to nature, to plants, to flowers, to gardens. After all, research shows nature has a profound impact on health and wellbeing.

The development programme we plan to embark on will redefine the garden spaces and outdoor areas for the elders of Enliven’s homes.

Imagine the sensory delight we can create together; a gift for the elders who fought for your freedom and cared for your country.

Imagine an accessible orchard where the elders of Enliven’s homes are able to pick fruit and berries fresh from the trees. Imagine a garden full of fragrant flowers which can be picked for vases or seen from the windows. Imagine the taste of fresh herbs and the delightful sounds of native birds flitting through the trees.

This multi-year project will dramatically change the visual landscape of the elders’ home.

Will you help? Together we can make sure the residents of Enliven’s homes have nature on their side.

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Click on the button below to make a secure donation using your credit card. You can make a one-off donation, a monthly donation or become a member using the online form.

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Call us on 0508 TO HELP (0508 864 357) to find out more about how you can help, to make a donation over the phone, to register your interest in volunteering or to discuss a fundraising idea.

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To make a donation to Enliven you can also post a cheque. As we’re part of Presbyterian Support Central, please make the cheque payable to Presbyterian Support Central and send to PO Box 12 706, Thorndon, Wellington 6144

Other causes

+ Levin Home for War Veterans’ Trumpeter appeal

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Enliven is currently raising funds to support the elders of Levin Home for War Veterans to keep active, energetic and alert – both physically and socially.

While government funding covers the basics of rest home care, like food, warmth, and healthcare, there is no funding to provide recreational activities that add a spark to life.

With your support, we can purchase modified exercise equipment for games and activities, to run specialist exercise classes tailored to our elders’ needs and ability, and to provide organized and spontaneous outings.

If you would like to support the elders who have raised families, cared for our country and even fought for our rights and freedom, there are a number of ways to do this:

  • Click here to donate online using your credit card and our secure online form
  • Donate over the phone by calling us on 0508 TO HELP (0508 864 357)
  • To make a donation to Levin Home’s Trumpeter appeal you can also post a cheque. As we’re part of Presbyterian Support Central, please make the cheque payable to Presbyterian Support Central and send to PO Box 12 706, Thorndon, Wellington 6144. Tell us you want to donate to Levin Home for War Veterans.

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