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Laughter the fountain of youth for Moira

Cashmere Heights Home resident, Moira Koorey.

What is the secret to ageing well? If you ask Johnsonville’s Moira Koorey, it’s the ability to have a laugh.

“It’s good to be a woman in my family, they’ve all lived good long lives,” the 83-year-old chuckles.

“Three of my relatives in particular, who were all career women with no children, they had great senses of humour and ended up living into their nineties!”

Since moving to Enliven’s Cashmere Heights Home in Johnsonville earlier this year, Moira says she’s had plenty of opportunities to enjoy a laugh with fellow residents and staff.

“The residents here are very nice and the staff are lovely, they really notice how you’re feeling and ask questions if they see something’s changed with you.

“There are plenty of jokes between people and lots of little interactions, which is great.”

The cheerful woman insists she knew Cashmere Heights was the right home for her after visiting with her daughter.

“I really like the gardens and there’s a nice homely feel here. My daughter was also really happy because it was very close to where she lives,” Moira explains.

“I’m knitting something for my granddaughter at the moment. I hadn’t knitted in ages until I moved here, so it’s been nice to be able to pick up the hobby again.”

Cashmere Home, like all Enliven homes, follows the elder-centred Enliven philosophy, which encourages elders to enjoy spontaneity, variety, and meaningful activity.

Home manager Karen Rhind says a passion for helping elders like Moira maintain their zest for life is what drives the Cashmere Heights team.

“We firmly believe in putting the residents at the heart of everything we do.  This is, after all, the residents’ home—our job is simply to do our very best to help them enjoy life and stay connected to the things they love.”

When she’s not knitting, Moira finds joy in reading a good book or trying out one of the many activities on offer as part of the home’s tailored recreation programme.

“I like going out on van tours around town and I’ve also tried some of the home-based group activities like playing bowls.

“Of course, I’ve played bingo with the others, that’s seems to be the universal game here!” Moira laughs.

To learn more about Johnsonville’s Cashmere Heights Home, visit or call 04 478 9051.