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Continence product service

Did you know that one in four New Zealanders experience regular bladder or bowel control problems?

If you’re experiencing continence problems, Enliven can help you manage them in a personalised and discreet way.

Enliven stocks a wide range of competitively priced, quality-assured, reusable or disposable products. We can provide extensive information about the range of products, as well as product samples to help you choose what’s best for you.

Best of all, Enliven’s continence service is discreet and personalised. Products can be ordered from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and we’ll deliver direct to your door for free!

When should I see help?

People often ask us when they should seek help. Our advice is to speak with your GP if continence issues are concerning you. This is particularly important if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • trouble sleeping because you wake often to go to the toilet
  • leakage when you laugh or cough
  • wetting the bed or underclothes
  • frequently having to rush to the toilet
  • passing urine more than once every two hours.

Continence products

For some people affected by incontinence, products such as pads may help you stay dry and comfortable. Enliven’s friendly health support team can advise you on the right product for you, reducing the possibility of leakage or over-use of pads. We also stock products to protect your skin.

Attends – Enliven’s recommended disposable range

The extensive hospital-grade Attends range are a disposable product that are suitable for people with varying degrees of incontinence and those with different lifestyles. The technology used in these products offers more dryness and comfort with less bulk, thus allowing you more freedom to remain active.

Conni – Enliven’s recommended reusable range

The Conni range is a technically-advanced range of products that are reusable, and therefore kinder on the environment and your wallet. The stylish Conni underwear range is suitable for people with mild to moderate incontinence and bladder weakness.

Discreet product delivery

Both the Attends and Conni ranges are top of the line products which are affordably priced. For your convenience and privacy, Enliven Central offers free, plain-packaged home delivery for all our continence products.


Many people are not aware there is funding available, through Work and Income, to help with the cost of continence products. Enliven’s health support team can help you work through the application process.

Contact us

To find our more about Enliven’s continence product service, or to place an order, or call us directly on 04 439 4900.