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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial and legal questions

What is the cost of buying an Enliven retirement villa or apartment?

When you purchase a villa, you are effectively purchasing a ‘Licence to Occupy’.  Prices for villas vary depending on their size and location. Please contact the village sales agent for current prices or to arrange a viewing.

Do retirement villas/apartments have a title?

No, the security is provided by the signed Occupation Right Agreement. It is widely recognised as the best method to serve the interests of residents in retirement villages throughout New Zealand.

This provides for the appointment of a Statutory Supervisor, independent appointee who monitors the Operator’s financial performance and ultimately protects residents’ interests. Covenant Trustee Services Limited is the Statutory Supervisor for Enliven’s retirement villages and apartments.

Who pays the cost of council rates, insurance etc?

Residents of retirement villages and apartments pay a monthly Outgoings Charge to cover these things.

The Outgoings Charge covers your share of the cost of rates, water rates, property maintenance and gardening, building insurance and other operating costs. This simplifies the majority of your expenses, but leaves you free to choose your own telephone, internet and contents insurance providers.

The Outgoings Charge varies between each village – talk to our sales agent about the current monthly fee.


Lifestyle questions

Can my family and friends stay with me?

Of course! After all, this is your home and your family and friends are an important part of your life.

Family and friends are welcome to visit, and stay for short periods. For security reasons we ask that you notify the village manager when you have visitors staying over.

If you have a large number of people you would like to entertain for birthdays or special occasions, residents are usually able to look a function room at either the village or neighbouring home.

Can I have a pet?

We understand pets are often an important part of the family.

Small pets, including birds, cats and dogs, are welcome at all Enliven villages as long as they get on with other people and animals. Please discuss this with the village manager before your pet moves in.

Will I have a say in the running of the village?

Yes, of course. We welcome suggestions and comments from residents. Village residents have regular meetings with the village manager and coordinator.

Am I able to re-decorate my villa?

In the future, if you decide to redecorate your home, this can be done at your own cost in consultation with village management.

What happens when I go on holiday?

When you go away on holiday we can offer you peace of mind – you’ll know that we are keeping an eye on your villa/apartment, maintaining the gardens and clearing your letterbox regularly. We can also arrange to take care of your plants, clean and air your villa/apartment for a small fee.


Support and security questions

What happens if I get sick or have an accident?

Enliven homes are often able to offer health recovery care or the village coordinator can help you arrange for additional household support, such as meal delivery or laundry.

These services can be provided over a short or long term on a fee-for-service basis. 

If you are worried about falling or having an accident, we suggest you wear a personal medical alarm. Personal medical alarms are on your body and offer additional security and peace of mind. 


Is there security on site overnight?

All Enliven villages and apartments are patrolled at night by a security firm.


Moving on

Who will sell my villa/apartment when I leave?

We’ll take care of selling your villa/apartment.

For you and your family this means you’re not left with the worry, stress, hassle and cost of advertising and selling the villa. For Enliven (Presbyterian Support Central) and the other residents, it ensures we can retain the retirement village environment.

Of course, you are welcome to introduce a prospective resident to us and we promise to keep you informed about the marketing of your apartment.


More questions?

Where can I get more information about Enliven’s retirement villages and apartments?

If you have any questions about retirement living with Enliven, one of our friendly team would be happy to help. You can free phone us by calling 0508 ENLIVEN. Alternatively, you can contact the village sales agents directly by calling: