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Not sure what service might be right for you, or what steps to take?

When you come to a crossroad in life, sometimes a helping hand is all you need to be able to choose the right path.

A change in circumstance, such as a health scare or the loss of a loved one, is the most common reason people begin to think about their retirement and future.

It’s best to plan ahead, rather than make decisions during the crisis or while you’re grieving. In our experience, the earlier you take a proactive approach and start to look at your options, the more choices you will have in planning a future that reflects your individual wishes and requirements.

Care Types

At Enliven Central we provide a range of positive ageing services and support across the lower North Island. These options include the following:

Health support services to help you maintain your independence at home. This includes health recovery care, day programmes, modified Tai Chi and mobility support classes, and a discreet continence product service.

Independent retirement living, including boutique retirement villages and apartments as well as rental units.

Aged residential care, including rest home, hospital and dementia care as well as short-term respite.

That means as your needs change, so too can the support we provide. Click here to read more about the care types offered by Enliven Central.

Enliven can help

Everyone’s circumstances are different. We know that sometimes you just need to talk to someone, a real person, about the options available. If that’s you, free call our friendly team on 0508 ENLIVEN (that’s 0508 36 54 83) and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Needs assessment and funding

For many, a first step towards determining the most appropriate type of care is to determine the level of funding to which you or your loved one may be entitled to.

An assessment by your local district health board’s Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Service (NASC) will identify the level of need for ongoing health care and support.

Read more about the needs assessment and residential care funding eligibility.

Choosing a home

We know that choosing a retirement village or rest home can be difficult. There are many things to consider.

We suggest that you visit the village or home to get a feel for the place. Think about the atmosphere, the staff and other residents, the location and the philosophy of care.

ElderNet has a fantastic checklist for what to look for when visiting a rest home. Check it out on their site.